Sunday, July 25, 2010

I have changed.

Sorry, I haven't been on my blog in a while. I've been busy--yeah, busy. With a site called Tumblr. I've discovered it is much better than this terrible blogging website. On Tumblr--it's just amazing. So, that means I'm probably not going to be on here much. I noticed I have two new followers (thank you by the way). But, yeah, if you have a Tumblr-follow me-

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outer Space

Galileo Galilei's telescope

Above the little blue planet
we know as "Earth"

in the constellations
Leo, Scorpio,
Taurus, and Gemini

Lies a undiscovered
mysterious world

Called Space

Where rocket ships
soar through
the asteroid belt

Aliens live on

Martians, on Mars

far and wide
revolve around
the fiery golden sun

walk on different moons

And comets
rain down on different

it all

Atlas, the man
struggling to hold up
the starry, mysterious

Known as
Outer Space


I just wanted to say, sorry. For, not having a new poem up yet. I've been er, busy. I'm going on a cruise on July 4Th. And, I'm going to see a Lady GaGa concert July 20Th! I can't wait! Anyway, I'm writing a poem now. I have a lot of crazy new ideas in my head. And, I'm writing them down now. So, I'll finish writing and post it later.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Love is fun
Love is pure
But overall love

But, what is love
Is love the happy
feeling you feel
when you're with
the one you like?

Why does one love though
Why do we feel love

Why did
Cupid strike us
with his bow and arrow
full of this "love"

Is love a gift
sent from

Or is it
a curse from

For Milena
man has
searched for
why love is

But will they
ever learn
love is a disease
of the mind

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I know I haven't posted a new poem in forever and, I'm sorry. I recently got a Tumblr, and I've been busy with that. Now offense blogger, but, Tumblr is way better than Blogger. Anyway, give me a few days or a week and I'll have some new poems. I have one I wrote a very long time ago about Caves. I wrote it in about 10 minutes, and it sucks. So, I'll revise and edit it, then post it. After that I'll post some new poems.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The House By The 7 Seas

Beyond the mountains, rivers,
forests, and coasts

Lies a house
by the 7 seas

But this house
is not like
any other

This house
is made of glistening sea glass

Sand falls into the arms
of the 7 oceans
as the tide comes in

Beyond the shore
lies this mythical house

Legend has it
that the house is
full of 1,000 treasures
and the fountain of immortality

From Marco Polo
to Sir Walter Raleigh
have searched and searched the high seas
in search of this house
by the 7 seas

Myth after myth
says no such house stands

the countless myths

search far and wide
for the sea glass house

of 1,000 treasures

Thursday, June 3, 2010

R.I.P.- Rue McClanahan

So, earlier today. In the morning a iconic actress passed away. Rue was born on February 21, 1934. She is well known for her part as Blanche Devereaux in the popular show, "The Golden Girls". But, what some people might not know about her is that she was a Broadway star during the 50s. Or that she even was in the show "Mama's Family" for two years playing "Aunt Fran". Until the show got cancelled by NBC. But, two years after "The Golden Girls" ended (in 1997), she was diagnosed with cancer. She went through five months of chemotherapy. Not only that, in early 2010, she suffered a minor stroke while recovering from a heart bypass surgery. A few months after her minor stroke, in May (2010), she passed away after having a stroke. Now that she has passed, Betty White, is the only remaining original "Golden Girl". From the show "The Golden Girls". She will always be remembered though. So, rest in peace Rue.